Chapter Leader

Tony Franke



Having worked for more than 25 years with non-profit organisations Tony's particular strengths are NGO-strategy development, business development and implementation, lobbyism, PR-work, international cooperation and working with society-members. Tony was CEO of DANSK IT from 1995-2013, where he was in charge of both overall strategic development and the operational implementation hereof. Before DANSK IT Tony held positions with A.P. Moller-Maersk in both Denmark and abroad and with The Danish Institute of State Authorized Public Accountants as both Management Secretary and Communications Manager.

Tony has a commercial education from the A.P. Moller-Maersk Shipping School together with a masters degree in law from the University of Copenhagen and an HD-diploma in marketing from the Copenhagen Business School.

Tony is chairman of the board with the ECDL-Foundation (based in Dublin, Ireland) the certifying authority of the leading international (basic) computer skills certification programme: ECDL/ICDL ( Furthermore Tony is the chairman of the CEO-networking group VL-2007.



Lersoe Parkallé 107

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