SAM Tool Assessment

 supported by KPMG

ITAMOrg SAM Tool Assessment

ITAMOrg offers SAM tool vendors an enhanced Tool Assessment for checking on the implemented SAM capabilities that allow Customers to ensure software license compliance and other SAM-relevant topics.

The ITAMOrg SAM Tool Assessment has been developed with professional advice and support by KPMG and in cooperation with major software brands. Upon successful passing of the SAM Tool Assessment ITAMOrg confirms that the tested SAM Tool provides features, functionalities, and a software catalogue to support software license compliance. The SAM Tool Assessment is a standardized approach based on decisions made from the analysis of available data and information. Catalog derived from relevant license metrics and contractual terms & conditions of major software brands. The assessment takes two to three days.

The ITAMOrg SAM Tool Assessment is release-specific and not applicable for other releases of the SAM Tool.

The ITAMOrg SAM Tool Assessment …

… consist of more than 150 question items related to five (5) main categories and an even larger number of subcategories

… confirms that the assessed SAM tool provides reasonable and reliable features and functionalities, including a comprehensive software catalogue, to support SAM processes and software license compliance in accordance with the license terms of major software brands*

… is release-, edition- and catalogue-specific and, therefore, inapplicable for other releases, editions or catalogue versions of the SAM tool assessed

… is covering two (2) important phases in the

SAM tool selection process of potential Customers’, Request for Information (RFI) and Proof of Concept (POC):

In the RFI process the SAM tool functionalities will be matched to requirements of relevant license metrics

The POC process is associated with a simulation in vendor’s demo environment, including scanning of a test environment and deriving an effective license balance (ELP) based on a given license inventory**

… is a generic approach that does reflect both implementation and operational use of the SAM tool assessed in a real-time environment to a limited extent, only

Outcomes & Reporting

On the backend of a successful assessment a certificate will be issued. Key findings and any good and outstanding features identified via the assessment will be highlighted on the ITAMOrg website. The results will further be presented jointly with the vendor on a webinar and promotion via articles etc. could be considered..

Plan Run Output
SAM Manager Product structure License & Cost optimization
ITO Product integration Interfaces, Integration, Dependencies Transparency
C-level / stakeholders Pricing (business angle) Reporting