Software Asset Management Specialist – SAMS

Course summary

Transparent licensing is important for every organisation. This course will align IT Service Management best practices together with Software Asset Management best practices. This will help an organisation to implement Software Asset Management lifecycle processes and showing how IT Service Management can support SAM lifecycle to create transparent licensing.

The purpose of the ITAMOrg Software Asset Management Specialist (SAMS) course and certification is for the participants to obtain knowledge on best practice and use of Software Asset Management in the challenges and variables that Software Asset Managers face on an everyday basis. The course is based on a practical approach to strengthen the participants understanding of how ISO 19770 and IT Service Management best practice (ITIL) relates to everyday use of software asset management, software tags, software piracy, control of the licenses and the legislation and organisational issues that saturates many businesses in today’s Asset Management world. This course will enable you to understand how to use Software Asset Management in the most contributing form to your IT organisation and the business as a whole.

In this course, participants will learn best practices in Software Asset Management, as well as the practicality to understand and accordingly increase the maturity of SAM via a tier based implementation. The participants will through a case based learning get the knowledge to understand, answer and manage the questions regarding Software Asset Management; how to set targets and clearly identify goals and how to quantify success. Software Asset Management is a series of business practices that support and secure the use of software within an organisation and frequently assess how software traverses and affects the organisation.

Learning points

Attendees will afterthe course be able to demonstrate an overall understanding of the Software Asset Managers role in relation to;

  • Understanding the risks, costs, challenges and benefits associated with SAM in a dynamic IT environment
  • Understanding the different types of licensing methods commonly used by software vendors
  • Recognizing the potential issues that arise when implementing a SAM program
  • How to gather the suitable information about the organisational environment that the SAM program is being implemented into
  • Build a comprehensive Business Case for SAM to gain commitment to the SAM program
  • Understanding the key SAM processes required to ensure the effective SAM program
  • Specifying the requirements for evaluating and selecting the correct tools for SAM
  • Developing and communicating the related Software Policy
  • Understanding how SAM interfaces with IT Service Management including ITIL and other BP’s
  • Planning for the development and implementation of all SAM policies, procedures and tools
  • Establishing and maintaining a database containing the SAM relevant data
  • Understanding how to control all activities associated with the Software Lifecycle
  • Detecting, escalating and managing all exceptions with policies, processes, procedures and licenses the correct way
  • Managing all relationships within the business and with partners/suppliers to the agreed Service Levels
  • Continually assess the effectiveness of policies and procedures in relation to the different Tiers

The SAMS course is based on Software Asset Management best practices and standardisation.
It combines IT Service Management best practice (ITIL) with the ITAM standard ISO19770.

This 3-day SAMS course is designed for IT professionals with a good understanding of the IT Asset Management area. The desired – but not required – criteria for participating in the SAMS course is;

  • ITAMOrg IT Asset Management Foundation course and certification
  • At least three months of operational experience in all phases of Software Asset Management
  • An understanding of IT Service Management best practice, have participated in ITIL Foundation v. 3 or later and a general understanding of IT

Day 1

Introduction to the course

Introduction to SAMS

  • What is SAM
  • Introduction to key terminologies
  • What is Software
  • Who are the key players in SAM
  • Key roles and responsibilities

Introduction to best practice Software Asset Management

  • Introduction to ISO19770
  • Introduction to IT Service Management

How to build a business case

  • What is a Business case
  • How to create the Business case with a SAM perspective
  • Identify the stakeholders
  • How to communicate the Business case and create management commitment

Day 2

Tier Level 1 implementation

  • Management and controls
  • Introduction to Tier processes
  • Case-based introduction to design and implement Tier processes
  • Technologies used at Tier one
  • Considerations and evaluation of tools

Tier Level 2 implementation

  • Management and controls
  • Introduction to Tier processes
  • Case based introduction to design and implement Tier processes
  • Technologies used at Tier two
  • Considerations

Tier Level 3 implementation

  • Management and controls
  • Introduction to Tier processes
  • Case based introduction to design and implement Tier processes
  • Technologies used at Tier three
  • Considerations and evaluation of tools

Day 3

Tier Level implementation cont.

  • Management and controls
  • Introduction to Tier processes
  • Case based introduction to design and implement Tier processes
  • Technologies used at Tier four

Considerations and evaluation of tools

How to get management commitment

Exam preparation



The examination is a one-hour closed-book online multiple choice test, consisting of 40 questions based on 1 scenario. The pass mark is 60%. Distinction is 85%.
The examination will be based on the syllabus retaining to the SAMS course. Examination questions will be drawn from all topics in the syllabus, and cover any given topic and in proportion to the amount of time allocated to the specific topics in the syllabus.

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See the description of the SAMS course and a case covering student comments and achievements:

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