Mission & Vision


On an independent basis ITAMOrg promotes Best Practice and good IT Asset Management within the IT Asset Management area supporting individuals and companies including all roles that has direct or indirect responsibility in the success of IT Asset Management. This includes also IT-suppliers, consultants and purchasers of IT goods and services.


ITAMOrg unites relevant parties within IT Asset Management (ITAM) with the purpose to:

– Develop and spread the word in ITAM best practice.
– Strengthening ITAM awareness and competencies through development
and promotion of accredited training and certification
– Exchanging experience for mutual benefit, inspiration and understanding
– Furthering mutual understanding amongst buyers and suppliers of IT for
the other party’s relevant priorities regarding ITAM
– Promoting best practices withing IT Asset control on behalf of buyers of IT
in a dialog-based approach that includes the suppliers of IT.
– Awarding” The IT Asset Management Award” to recognize people and/or
organizations that demonstrates or practices examples of good IT
Asset Management.
– Alignment with ISO standards and best practices within IT Service
Management (ITIL) with the aim to operationalize IT Asset Management.
– Enabling ITAM implementation at all levels in organizations through independent consultancy