Mission & Vision


On an independent basis ITAMOrg promotes good IT Asset Management within the IT Asset Management area and in the broadest sense cut across IT-suppliers, consultants and purchasers of IT goods and services.

As a representative body for purchasers of IT goods and services, ITAMOrg promotes ”Transparent Licensing”.


ITAMOrg unites relevant parties within IT Asset Management (ITAM) with the purpose to:

  • Develop and spread the word in ITAM best practice
  • Strengthening ITAM awareness and competencies through development and promotion of accredited training and certification
  • Exchanging experience for mutual benefit, inspiration and understanding
  • Furthering mutual understanding amongst buyers and suppliers of IT for the other parties relevant priorities regarding ITAM
  • Promoting ”Transparent Licensing” on behalf of buyers of IT in a dialog based process including IT suppliers
  • Introducing ”The IT Asset Management Award” to promote demonstrated examples of good IT Asset Management amongst ITAM professionals and beyond