United Kingdom

Chapter Leader

Gordon Petrie



The range of complex challenges or improvements I have guided businesses to solve have been a wide variety varied and include Asset Management, IT Strategy, GDPR, Cyber Security and Sales.

All have either started from the business wanting to change or legislation forcing change.

However what has become really clear is that as human beings we seek a solution as quickly as possible and that can often mean that symptoms are addressed not the full spectrum of connected issues.

What I have developed and deployed across the diverse set of challenges is a consistent framework approach which ensures that before change is made a full analysis and set of change specifications have been completed.

What this means for you is that you can achieve change by understanding the context, how those changes impact people, systems and processes and have the confidence that the outcome matches the vision.

I have distilled all my wide experience into an approach which addresses common challenges even in successful growing companies. This is achieved by helping you tap into your own experience to manage complex change with the right preparation.

Asset Management is a specialisation that I have over 16 years’ experience of and it is something that has become more relevant in the current climate with GDPR, Cyber Security adding a whole new dimension. My activities in this field are delivered through Restore Technology as there is a strong synergy and very relevant expertise.








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