Training and Certification

ITAMOrg Training & Certification
ITAMOrg offer, via a network of Authorized Training Organizations (ATO's) a range of certification courses which helps to improve awareness and competencies in all areas of IT Asset Management.
The first course, Software Asset Management Specialist (SAMS) was introduced from ITAMOrg in 2014 and has recently  (Q3 2020) been updated to support the ISO 19770-1:2017 standard and ITIL 4.

The ITAM Foundation course is available both as classroom training and e-learning and from select ATO's as virtual classroom. Also a workbook is availble from Van Haren webshop in paper or as e-book.

The Hardware Asset Management Specialist (HAMS) course and certification will be available in Q4 2020.

Certification at both foundation level and practitioner level (Q3 & Q4) is provided in collaboration with
Van Haren Learning Solutions.



IT Asset Management Foundation Certification - ITAMF (Available):
The purpose of the ITAM Foundation Certification is to give participants a basic understanding of the importance of IT Asset Management, how the different areas relate to other functions and departments. In addition, the relation between ITAM and other best practice areas and standards will be highlighted.

The course also is available via e-learning which makes it ideal to spread ITAM knowledge across multiple departments and business areas.

Software Asset Management Specialist Certification - SAMS (Available):
The SAMS Certification course has the purpose of giving the participant a basic understanding in the development and control of the software asset lifecycle in its entirety, from software is acquired to it leaves through retirement or re-deployment. The SAMS course puts an emphasis on using the existing knowledge & processes within the IT organisations such as incorporating SAM with IT Services Management Best Practice, ISO Standards and existing governance and project models.
NEW 2020! An updated course with support for ISO 19770-1:2017 and ITIL 4 will be available in Q3 2020
Hardware Asset Management Specialist Certification - HAMS (available in Q4 2020!):
The HAMS Certification will give the participant an understanding of how to acquire, control and dispose of hardware in the best way. In addition, this course will cover the tight relation that often exists between hardware and software assets, and other relevant information concerning HAM including Mobile Asset Management and Bring Your Own Device.
NEW 2020! An updated course with support for ISO 19770-1:2017 and ITIL 4 will be available in Q4 2020
Service Asset (and Cloud) Management Certification - SEAM (Availability not planned):
​The purpose of the SEAM Certification will be to give participants an understanding of the very complex world surrounding services and cloud sourcing. Aspects covered in this course include contract creation, the role of Service Level Agreements (SLA's) including penalties for breach of SLA's and contingencies to put in place in relation to Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Disaster Recovery (DR).
People & Information Asset Management Certification - PINAM (Availability not planned):
The PINAM Certification is intended to give an understanding to the participants on why information is to be seen as an asset in the same way as software or hardware and the relationship such management has with Big Data. The course will also seek to demonstrate the benefits of establishing a data lifecycle, and the inter-dependencies this lifecycle has with other streams of IT.
IT Asset Management Advanced Certification - ITAMA (No planned release date):
The ITAMA Certification is the final layer for an ITAM Manager to be able to gain a birds-eye view on all disciplines within ITAM.

To find your nearest training go to the Certified Training Schedule page to find dates at an ATO near you