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ITAMOrg Membership 

ITAMOrg membership connects you with the best and brightest in the IT Asset Management industry. It is easy for you to stay up-to-date with the latest thinking, reports, publications and news. It gives you the exclusive opportunity to meet your peers and network completely free of charge through complementary invitations to regular events and workshops across the local or international chapters.

Member benefits
Each membership package has been designed to meet and offer a variety of exclusive benefits so you can choose the level that is right for you and your IT organisation.

Connect with the industry
ITAMOrg is hosting events where you can meet the IT Asset Industry – such as:

  • Free mini and/or experience events – where you can share, learn and network
  • Industry IT Asset workshops
  • ITAMOrg surveys and reports
  • ITAMOrg annual conference
  • ITAMOrg newsletter

Enhance your knowledge
ITAMOrg is developing and maintaining a set of IT Asset Management best practices:

  • ITAMOrg IT Asset Management training
  • ITAMOrg IT Asset Tool evaluation
  • IT Asset Best practices and standards
  • Facilitate connections with other members who can help you find solutions

High Return on Investment
By sharing and getting knowledge from other members and the IT Asset Industry you will get the knowledge to enhance your company savings:

  • Discount on ITAMOrg Qualifications
  • Discounted ITAMOrg Annual conference tickets

Which membership is right for you?

Individual Corporate
Small (1-5 employees)
Large (+5 employees)
Free access to ITAMOrg Local chapter meetings    

International Chapter meetings
Free participation in all International Chapter meetings

Monthly newsletter - direct or via ITAM Channel    

Access online Glossary

Free ITAMOrg Experience event places    

ITAMOrg books/publications

  Discount 10%   Discount 10% Discount 10%
Discount on ITAMOrg Conference   25%   25% 25%
Discount on ITAMOrg Training (number of vouchers)
(voucher void €150 can be used with CTP’s using original ITAMOrg course ware)
  1 voucher per year   3 vouchers per year 6 vouchers per year
Access to ITAMOrg Toolbox    
Discount on ITAMOrg premium Maturity Assessment   Discount 10 %   Discount 10 %
ITAMOrg hosted webinars    

Access to ITAMOrg light Maturity Assessment

Access to ITAMorg product evaluation    
Access to ITAMOrg professional Q/A    
Access to ITAMOrg best practice development    
Access to ITAMOrg Knowledge base