BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg)

Chapter Leader

Stanislav Pavlin                                                                                                                                                                                          



Based in Luxembourg, Stanislav Pavlin is an international executive and investor.

Stanislav Pavlin was the founder of Vodafone Assets Management Services Sarl / Global Assets Manager, Vodafone Group.

He was leading this activity from its initial idea, through the company setup in 2014 until fully-scaled operation managing

over €1bn in 2019. A remarkable contribution that also led to international recognition incl. the ITAMOrg ITAM award.



Chapter board
Matthias Leplae

After 4 years immersed in software license compliance Matthias co-founded the company Leadout in 2018 to focus on addressing the needs of Belgian companies in IT asset management. Since then Leadout has helped several organizations within Belgium but also in other European countries to benefit from applying focus on IT asset management. Matthias has a large background in Microsoft and SAP but increased his attention lately to the end-to-end aspects of a sustainable ITAM program.