BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg)

Chapter Leader

Tem Pauw



Coming from a technical background as a systems administrator specialized in migration and mergers of companies and their IT systems, Tem encountered licensing challenges and everything around it. After years in this field, Tem moved into the role of private consultant, advising and helping companies to sort out their license compliance and position.

Tem’s primary focus has been governmental organisations, but he has also worked in the private sector with companies in the fields of telecommunications and banking. Tem started to specialize in the field of licensing for Microsoft products back in 2008, and through the past years he has gained experience with other major suppliers. Tem has worked with local and global companies in the field of licensing, helping them gaining better license deals and saving costs in all concerned areas.

As Tem’s background truly and surely illustrates, he is a major evangelist for License compliance with a focus on helping clients, so they can understand it to the fullest.



UP Office Building
Piet Heinkade 55
1019GM Amsterdam
The Netherlands