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ITAMOrg introduces new online SAM Maturity Assesment to all corporate members of ITAMOrg. There's a 20 question light assessment available which will give an overall idea of the outcome from a SAM assessment. The light assessment is available... Read more

The second edition of the ITAM Foundation workbook NOW AVAILABLE from the Van Haaren Publishing web shop. The book is available print or e-book and can be downloaded directly from the website. Note: ITAMOrg members are eligble for a member... Read more

Purple Griffon will offer all 3 available training courses as e-learning. The ITAM Foundation course available from November 2020.  

Article on ICT skills development>>  

News article on ITAM uptake  

Microsoft’s Pricing Policy is Speeding Up Cloud Adoption & Changing the Nature of SAM. Snow Software’s Managing Consultant, Michael Gray, explores the recent changes in pricing adopted by Microsoft to encourage users to move to cloud... Read more

SQL Server 2005 reaches its end-of-life milestone on April 12, the day on which Microsoft ceases support for the database. While most public-sector organizations have already migrated critical systems to newer versions of SQL Server,... Read more

Oracle Database users running applications in a virtualised environment using third-party virtualisation software could be in “serious breach” of Oracle’s software licensing rules and potentially on the hook for millions in fines and extra... Read more

Today, the global exam institute EXIN expands its Security Portfolio with the new certification EXIN ITAMOrg IT Asset Management Foundation. This new certification is the first that will go live and is part of a complete program that has been... Read more

EXIN and ITAMOrg now offer a complete certification program for IT Asset Management. The partnership underlines how important EXIN finds IT Asset Management. EXIN calls ITAM an important element in business strategy as it... Read more

At a recent BCS event, a survey unveils that 75% of survey participants felt that there was a SAM skill gap within the industry. Read the full article here

The ITAMOrg International Conference is in planning. We will shortly disclose program highlights and more details on venue etc. We are looking forward to welcoming you back to our 2016 Conference. Stay tuned for more information here.... Read more

The article in the Danish version of Computer World has been followed up by an article in Version 2.

ITAMOrg has yet again been featured in the Danish version of Computer World - this time concerning Oracle liscensing. Den skarpe kritik af Software leverandørene fortsætter i 2015. Ikke kun ITAMOrg men også britiske CCL - Campaign for Clear... Read more

Published November 3, 2014 By Martin Thompson on Campaigning for Clear Lisencing's webpage.   This report is the result of discussions and research with CCL members, The ITAM Review community and the Oracle License Management Services... Read more

As a help to our members we or now offering the full version of our ITAMOrg Software Asset Management Certification (SWAM) Glossary for download at our Member Article Data Base. For further understading of our SWAM course or participation go to our... Read more

The IT Asset Management Foundation development is nearing its finish. Therefor we can now announce that the ITAMF course and certification will be up and running in the beginning of 2015. It is our hope that participants at this course will... Read more

ITAMOrg is happy to welcome both Arrow and Global Knowledge as a Certified Training Provider. Both Arrow and Global Knowledge will be holding several courses in Denmark durring 2015.For more info go to our Certified Training overview and see the... Read more

ITAMOrg is happy to welcome Puple Griffion as a Certified Training Provider. The first Software Asset Management Course will be held in London from 19 January through 21, 2015.For more info go to our Certified Training overview.

In collaboration with our partner Danish IT, ITAMOrg is hosting a seminar in Denmark for the Danish speaking audience.D. 19. januar 2015 er ITAMOrg vært for et af Dansk ITs gå-hjem-møder. Mødet er gratis og derfor kan vi kun anbefale at deltage og... Read more

10 things you should know about SAMBy Rory Canavan, Research and Development, ITAMOrg Kick starting your SAM program starts here:1. GovernanceYour SAM Programme needs an ethical heartbeat to ensure widespread adoption, and to underline any... Read more

Those days are over when purchasing and managing and licenses in large IT environments was a simple task. This has led companies such as Arla, Coop and DFK to implement ITAMOrg’s new certified training that helps them to succeed with SAM.Read... Read more

Your Opportunities for SuccessITAMOrg first conferences will be held at Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen 5-7 May, 2015.That is why we are doing a call for sponsors and exhibitors.This conference is the first ever European conference that cover the... Read more

We are looking for first class presentationsITAMOrg first conferences will be held at Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen 5-7 May, 2015.And that is why we are putting out a call for speakers.This conference is the first ever European conference that... Read more

ITAMOrg presented at the SDI Conference 2014 in Birmingham. ITAMOrg's delegates had an interesting day, were amongst other things Direktor of ITAMOrg International presented.Watch the full webcast here: 

ITAMOrg presented at the British Computer Society, in London, on 20 May 2014. It was an interesting event were we had the opportunity to present the ideas behind ITAMOrg and our vision for this membership organisation. It was a very interesting... Read more