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Service Desk Institute is the leading professional body for everyone working in the IT service and support industry. Service Desk Institute has been connecting IT service professionals across the globe since 1988.

Service Desk Institute sets the internationally recognised best practice standards for service desks and service desk professionals. It is these standards which form the basis for the SDI professional qualifications programme and the service desk certification programme.

Service Desk Institute is passionate about helping service desks make a difference and realise their full potential, we promise to deliver exceptional, fun and inspirational customer experiences and support, guide and educate those committed to their own service improvement journey. 

Delivering exceptional, fun and inspirational experiences for everyone working in IT support, SDI is here to support you in making your service desk be the best it can possibly be.

How you get involved? Firstly, subscribe to the Service Desk Institute newsletter which is delivered monthly to keep you and your team informed of all the latest industry news and events. Secondly, explore our website,, where you'll find everything you need from research reports to training courses.

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