ITAMOrg Conferences / ITAM Award

ITAMOrg Conferences

ITAMOrg hosts or co-hosts an annual international conference. The location, theme and organization co-hosting the conference varies from year to year.

The ITAM Conference 2015: Crown Plaza, Copenhagen
The ITAM Conference 2016: Olympia, London. Co-host: BCS
The ITAM Conference 2017: Laudrup Winebar, Lautruppark and KMD, Copenhagen. Co-host: Dansk IT (Danish Computer Society)
The ITAM Conference 2019: Radission Blu, Dublin, Co-host: ICS
The ITAM Conference 2020: Scandic Berlin Potsdammer Platz, Co-host: KPMG

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The IT Asset Management Award

ITAMOrg honors and celebrates people and organizations that makes a difference in the ITAM industry. We're doing this by giving an award to a person or organisation that has made a remarkable contribution to the industry. The criteria for receiving this prestigous award is:

"The IT Asset Management Award is given to one or more professionals, organisations or initiatives that have contributed remarkably to securing and/or developing good IT Asset Management"

ITAM Award winner 2015: David Bicket - link to award>>>
ITAM Award winner 2016: Jason Keogh - link to award>>>
ITAM Award winner 2017: Stanislav Pavlin - link to award>>>

ITAM Award winner 2019: Kylie Fowler - link to award>>>


”Kylie Fowler has been elected as the winner of the ITAMOrg 2019 IT Asset Management Award”


Kylie has played a key role in the ITAM industry. For over 10 years she was one of the founding members of the UK SAM BSI networking groups that has grown and grown from south to the north.
Kylie has been an advocate of raising the bar for ITAM education in the UK and beyond, driving the topic within the British Computer Society to make the bi-monthly meetings in London a corner-stone of the IT calendar. Without these SAM networks we wouldn’t be able to grow our capability

Kylie does not just gain the industry-based qualifications to pad out her CV, her consultative experience in the financial, construction and service-industry sectors have augmented her effectiveness in delivering quality-based ITAM for numerous companies. And at the same time she is an advocate for SAM consultants and ensures they know their worth

She contributed to best practice all for the good of the wider SAM community pro-Bono and more recently, Kylie was invited to join WG21, the Working Group charged with creating and improving the ISO 19770 family ITAM standards.

Kylie’s passion for ITAM is not just to be a barometer of license health for an IT estate, but also to act as an agent of change, particularly in support of strategic vendor management.